Anastasia Chalkidou: A brief timeline in the ACCA

Anastasia Chalkidou, Quantum BITS’ co-founder and Accounting Director, is currently standing for election as an ACCA Council Member.

For more than a decade, Anastasia has been an active advocate of ACCA as a consultant, as a professional trainer and via her involvement with national and international organisations promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. 

She was first qualified as an ACCA member in 2011.
In 2016 she was awarded the FCCA status.
In 2017, Anastasia became a member of the ACCA Advisory Committee in Greece and in August 2020, she was elected as the ACCA International Assembly Representative and Chair of the ACCA Members Advisory Committee of Greece. 

During her 2-year term of office, many innovative events, webinars and new projects have taken place (You can take a further look here). Among these, the Practice Rooms Sessions definitely stand out. 

Launched in 2021, the Practice Room has been characterized by the global accounting community as one of ACCA’s most successful projects. Anastasia has hosted or co-hosted 7 sessions, discussing diverse topics that concern practitioners around the world. 

As of 1st of January 2022, she has been appointed as a member of the ACCA Global Forum for SMEs. Representing over 15 countries and a wide range of professional backgrounds, the forum provides a unique platform for promoting the role of SMEs in the global economy. 

Today, Anastasia Chalkidou is standing for election as an ACCA Council Member! By voting, you contribute to bringing her vision one step closer. 

With your votes and support, Anastasia will be able to inspire ACCA members to pursue their dreams, explore the numerous possibilities that the accountancy profession can offer and realise how accounting is the cornerstone of economic and societal progress. 

You can vote here. 

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