2 years as ACCA’s International Assembly Representative

It’s been 2 years of constant growth, innovative projects and events aiming to bring the accounting community together. 

Anastasia Chalkidou, Quantum’s co-founder and Accounting Director, was elected in August of 2020 as the ACCA International Assembly Representative for Greece.  

Here is a brief overview of some of the events and projects that took place during those last two years. 

Leading Inclusion – Simple Steps and Significant Leaps. A global project by ACCA, aiming to inspire members and students in their journey. Anastasia Chalkidou was interviewed in March of 2021 and shared her own story. “I’m wearing all my previous hats”, explains, referring to the importance of taking advantage of every professional step in the way to progress. 

Practice Room Sessions. This ACCA’s ambitious project started on April 23, 2021. The Practice Room aims to bring together the global practitioners’ community to offer support, tools and advice that will help them stay connected and relevant in a fast-changing world. Anastasia has hosted or co-hosted 7 practice rooms in one of ACCA’s most successful projects as it has been characterized by the global accounting community. 

SOEL & ACCA Conference. On September 7th of 2021, many distinguished speakers and over 200 participants attended the online conference that was jointly organized by the ACCA’s Member Advisory Committee and SOEL (Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece). The 3 panel discussions presented in a structured manner the technical, human, and strategic aftermath of this unique situation that our profession is facing following the digital acceleration due to COVID.

Accounting for the Future 2021. How do modern future focused accountants select and implement best of breed Accounting Technology? Anastasia Chalkidou participated as a panelist in a discussion in the context of the ACCA Accounting for the Future 2021: Rethinking Sustainable Business conference. It was held in November of 2021, and it was included in the top 10 ACCA webinars for 2021. 

ACCA Global Forum for SMEs membership. As of 1st of January 2022, Quantum’s co-founder, Anastasia Chalkidou has been appointed as a member of the ACCA Global Forum for SMEs. The forum provides a unique platform for promoting the role of SMEs in the global economy. Representing over 15 countries and a wide range of professional backgrounds, the forum represents the sector’s needs at a global level and facilitates the sharing of best practice. 

Finance Pro Article. In the issue of March 2022 of Finance Pro, a Greek magazine dedicated to Business Accounting and Corporate Finance, Anastasia published an article regarding the importance and value of the ACCA qualification. “It offers all the skills needed for the leaders of tomorrow, in order to plan the next steps of their businesses”. 

Accounting for a better world. ACCA’s latest flagship report, published in May of 2022, highlights how the accountancy profession can play an essential role in transforming the world to deliver a more equitable, green, and inclusive future. Anastasia contributed to the report, offering her insights of more than 18 years in the profession. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning all the work that was done within the Greek ACCA community to strengthen our network. During these 2 years the community grew exponentially and gained visibility among the ACCA members and students in Greece. The numbers speak for themselves as in August of 2020, “ACCA Greece” had approximately 400 members while today the group counts more than 1350. 

“It’s been such an inspiring and empowering ride to represent the Greek members abroad and promote their talent and technical brilliance. I would like to sincerely thank ACCA and particularly the Western Europe team for all their support during this journey. Huge thanks to all ACCA members that have honored me with their vote for this position. Last but not least, I want to thank the members of the ACCA Advisory Committee Greece for their support and continuous contribution to the profession and the Committee’s activities. And the journey continues…”  

Anastasia Chalkidou, FCCA

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