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This February, the ACCA’s Practice Room — the peer-to-peer community series dedicated to supporting small and medium practices (SMPs) – returns with a renewed, even more interactive approach. Led by practitioners from SMPs around the world, these free knowledge-sharing series will provide you with the opportunity to share and benefit from practical insights with fellow SMPs.

What to look for in assessing technology solutions for your practice 

With new challenges, new technology, new team members and juggling a hybrid work environment, a business can quickly fall behind. To-do lists grow exponentially, and sticky notes cover the desk. 

This might be an indication that it’s time to improve agility and productivity by upgrading your technology.

On 9 February, Anastasia Chalkidou, Heather Smith and Eriona Bajrakurtaj, who run their own modern future-focused practices in Greece, Australia and the UK, will lead the session providing you with the inside track on evaluating technology to support the work of your practice. 

During this session, the participants shall pose questions and discuss key considerations to look for in assessing technology solutions.

Join the three hostesses in the Practice Room, for ‘What to look for in assessing technology solutions for your practice.’ 

Register today here. 

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