Our Accounting Director and co-founder Anastasia Chalkidou participated as a panelist in a discussion in the context of the ACCA Accounting for the Future 2021: Rethinking Sustainable Business conference. 

The topic was: “How Modern Future Focused Accountants Scope, Select & Implement Best of Breed Accounting Technology”. 

The discussion was very interesting, as each panelist shared their knowledge and experiences and a number of very important issues were analyzed such as: 

  • how to modernise your practice and navigate AccounTech, 
  • how to choose the best of breed practice software, 
  • what to look for, what it can achieve and how it can improve work processes, 
  • how to navigate implementing the technology and how to overcome the challenges along the way, 
  • how embracing innovative tools helps deliver better service, ensuring clients have an amazing experience. 

Register NOW to attend this year’s Accounting for the Future virtual conference on 23-25 of November. 

The theme of this year’s event about rethinking sustainable business, an issue that all finance professionals around the worldare facing, including a review of the key issues for business – and, in particular, accountants – arising from the COP26 UN climate change conference. Useful insight and advice from experts will also be given in a range of targeted sessions, from technical developments and economic updates, to trends in technology, changes in audit and workplace wellbeing – and everything in between. 

Do not miss it!

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