Acca Practice Room 3: ‘Managing people and talent in SMEs’, The overview

Anastasia’s third Practice Room was held on the 3rd of September on the important issue of managing people and talent in SMEs. Anastasia was joined by Maria Antoniadi, HR Specialist and experienced recruiter, who shared her valuable insights with the participants. 

The pandemic was an unprecedented situation that changed the way of our life and that will leave us a unique and huge experience. 

Teleworking is the new norm and remote HR Management is much more difficult and challenging. Anastasia and Maria discussed the pros and cons of teleworking and tele interviews and shared tips and experiences on how this new reality can be handled by both employees and employers. 

What’s the role of an HR Manager in this new era? 

  • Daily check in with the entity’s people 
  • Check their daily tasks  
  • Check if there are any problems 
  • Never let them feel alone 

How should an employee behave when working from home? 

  • Organizing the day 
  • Respecting the colleagues 
  • Respecting the program of the entity 
  • Informing timely if there are any changes  
  • Keeping the communication going 

How a candidate should behave in a remote interview? 

  • Being at a specific, quiet location 
  • Having the appropriate outfit 
  • Being as well prepared as he/she would be in an interview with physical presence  
  • Showing professionalism  
  • Being up-to-date about his/her industry developments

What are the elements that make an HR manager select a candidate? 

  • Being honest 
  • Being up-to-date 
  • Knowing what he/she expects from a job position 

What should a small company do to attract young and talented candidates? 

  • Precise job description 
  • Providing a career path and future evolution (especially in generation Z) 
  • Informing about the expected wage development 

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