Domain Name Registration

Assignments, activations and transfers of domain names

Transaction costs

The cost for transactions involving domain names (.gr) is € 25 (twenty-five euros) including VAT. . In particular, this cost is for operations Assigning a domain name, Enabling a reserved domain name, Assigning a domain name assigned, Transferring an activated reserved domain name, Changing the name / name of the assigned domain name, Changing the domain name / name of an activated domain name holder, Renaming a given name space and Renewal of an activated domain name.

In the case of assigning and renewing .gr domain name, the duration is 2 years.

General transaction terms

For any domain name service (change, registration, renewal), is required to prepay this. The time priority of statements submitted by Registrants is only ensured by registering the statements from the Registry and not by submitting them to the Registrar while the consumer may withdraw his request within 5 days of submitting it to the Registry.

Quantum Business & IT Solutions communicates with the Registry via the platform it offers. While forwarding its customer requests to the Registry within one business day of submission.

For any queries you can contact us either by calling +30 211 210 40 50 or by emailing us at or by using the online contact form.


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